And now, a site

Alright-y then, well, 80 comics in so I guess it is time to take the next step.

Welcome to the new Welcome to Prindiville site (there has to be a better way to write that).

Back in August I decided to start posting one-panel illustrations to Instagram as a way to work out a cartooning itch. At the time had no intention of doing it on any sort of an established schedule or theme. I am a father after all. Within a few weeks I found myself regularly posting something Monday through Friday. And I was having a good time.

Then came October and I decided to try my hand at Inktober, a communal drawing activity based off a list of predetermined prompts. Now I was posting twice a day on some days and still managed to make it work. I even found some unexpected sketch time while sitting around waiting for my daughter to finish her classes (shout out to the other karate parents). Still having fun.

Well, now it’s most of the way through November and we just had Thanksgiving. I realized (outside of family, of course) the main thing I was thankful for were all the interactions I’ve had with folks sparked by posting comics again. The likes, the hearts, the comments (online and in person), the conversations and last but not least the pressure release for me. I want to keep this fun but I also want to make it available to folks not friends with me on Facebook/Instagram, so here we are.

So, here we are. I’ve spent my Thanksgiving break so far dropping all those past comics into this site. I’ve also collected all the Inktober 2018 drawings into a gallery and cleaned them up just a little. Even pulled together the self-portrait series in various comic/cartoon styles I did back in January.

Thank you for reading and your support this far. I’m striving to keep this loose and fun. So far, it seams to be working and thank you for the amazing feedback. Here we go into the next phase. If you are so inclined to share with friends I welcome your support. If you just want to keep this to yourself I hope I give you plenty of reasons to keep coming back.